Ammalife Food fair 29th September 2012

Hi again.

Well – today could have been a total wash out at Ammalife Charity Food fair, as the original venue was double booked and the organiser – the lovely Maria Gee only found this out on Thursday this week. She managed to find another venue nearby.

Sold stacks of jams, chutneys and some vinegars. I sneaked my home-made bath bombs onto the stall and managed to sell some of these too!

I didn’t take any pictures as I was too busy chatting and making new friends, so you will have to make do with a link to Ammalife charity – well worth having a look and considering donating to.

If tomorrow at mac food market tomorrow is as friendly and welcoming as Ammalife food fair – I will be one happy Cuffufle preserves!


Rachel xxx

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    1. Sorry John – only just got this – was too busy last night and then went to the mac early this morning!

      The mac food market is every last Sunday of the month and there are stalls in the main bit of the mac, but the cafe, reception and the bar.

      Twas another good market for me – things are looking up. I may well try and do this full time.

      Rachel xxx

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