Last year I had apples being donated to me on a daily basis and my apple tree was almost breaking from the weight of apples on it – but this year, the poor bees got tricked out of hibernation with some hot weather in March, then went back to sleep after stacks of frost! When they woke up again, the rain was too heavy for them to fly – aghhhh poor bees – and poor us, as the pollination process was hindered for our trees and a lot of other fruit and veg produce. And the SLUGS……………don’t get me started on them!

Anyway –  a lovely lady I met at Moseley Folk festival has given a stack of gorgeous apples, so I am busy thinking up things to make with them… and rosemary jelly for starters and then, encouraged by Indu Sharma, I am tempted to try out an apple and mint chutney.

Any suggestions/requests gratefully received.

Cheers Nina
Selly Park apples ready to be chutneyfied and jellified


Rachel xxx

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