Bumper donation day!


My luck’s in today. Have had a lovely visit from Helen Tidy of http://wildsidepreserves.co.uk/. Our aim for the morning was to review our HACCPs zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

She brought with her stacks of lovely pears and apples for me.

Donated by Helen Tidy

Later in the afternoon, I got to cycle round to my lovely friend Lorna-Mary and she only had 120 limes for me! 120 LIMES. These were ‘foraged’ from a festival – festival foraging  is ACE! Thanks to Lorna and everyone at http://www.supersonicfestival.com/ for not drinking enough cocktails containing lime!

Festival foraged Limes courtesy of the Supersonic festival!

The Supersonic team will be receiving jars of whatever I make with these limes whether they like it or not!

Now – what to do with the 2 cherries?!


Rachel xxx

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