What a utterly lovely weekend……

All set up and ready for my first Moseley Farmer’s market

I have just had a lovely weekend and very successful too, despite the dreadful weather of Saturday. My first Moseley (and hopefully not last) farmer’s market was so lovely. It had a lovely atmosphere despite the utterly dreary weather and relentless rain from midday onwards.

On the evening I got too too drunk and had a totally irrational argument with my boyfriend that I am now totally ashamed of (xxx to Nelson!)

Sunday saw a leisurely (slow!) bike ride with all my stock, along the River Rea to the mac for their November food fair. Again, it had such lovely atmosphere (and I had a stall next to the lovely Trishul Chocolate) that my hangover disappeared very quickly.

Now to get ready for the first QE farmer’s market on Wednesday. I’m having a day off tomorrow and on Tuesday – doing a batch of Raspberry and Rosemary jam – I LOVE MY LIFE!


Rachel xxx

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