Saucy Sauce

Howdy Cuffuflers!

I am lucky enough to have been commissioned by LOVE STIRCHLEY FESTIVAL to create a tomato sauce or a ‘love apple’ sauce. Tomatoes historically are considered to be aphrodisiacs, hence to love apple name! They are good for the heart and considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. During the festival period – at least £1.00 of every purchase price will be donated to Love Stirchley Festival. After that if I continue to make the sauce, 50p of every purchase price will go to the festival.

Come to LOVE STIRCHLEY FESTIVAL – it’s going to be great. Barbara Nice will be there, a travelling love seat, Loaf pop up restaurant, Hog Roasts and much much more….

The Stirchley Sauce will be available to purchase at festival venues and also Stirchley Stores and Wards Vegetable shop.

So…………. I’m making and creating! LOVE STIRCHLEY FESTIVAL organisers got me stacks of lovely tomatoes and some red onions and garlic from Wards of Stirchley

Gorgeous love apples!


I consulted with the Greedy Gardener who also donated some stirchley grown garlic and herbs! Thanks Greedy Gardener AKA SJ Watkinson.

The lovely SJ and her donation of Stirchley grown herbs and garlic
You can’t get fresher than this!

So….. back in my deep cleaned kitchen I set to work on creating the Stirchley Sauce.

Ist I peeled the tomatoes,

Love apples being prepared for peeling.
I wish smellivision could be invented!

then I chopped up onions, garlic and celery and added some herbs and spices.




Then all ingredients were combined…..

Sauce bubbling away – reducing before vinegar and sugar is added

Finally when sauce was reduced, pushed through a sieve (this bit was a frickin’ nightmare!), vinegar and sugar added, bottle sterilised and then sauce bottled (after a tasting session with the lovely Alex McCorkindale.

Minor tweeks have now been made and Batch 2 & 3 is complete. Batch 4 & 5 will be ready tomorrow. Now all I need to do is sterilise all the filled bottles to allow for  much longer shelf life.

OH and one more thing – COME TO THE FESTIVAL!!!




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