Something just for me and Nelson

After making a batch of Spicy tomato chutney and a good old fashioned no frills Red Tomato chutney, I had a load of tomatoes left over. ‘What to do?!’

A rich tomato sauce – I had great fun making the Stirchley Sauce for Love Stirchley festival and I remember having made a roasted tomato ketchup from a River Cottage recipe a while back.

Yummy tomatoes ready to roast.

So – I roasted the tomatoes with some onions, garlic, olive oil and some lemon thyme from my garden. They roasted on a lowish heat (around 170°C) for about an hour and a half.

Yummy tomatoes ready to roast.
Roasted and ready to be zuzzed!

Then I zuzzed the roasted tomatoes in a food processor.

Mix it up!






Next, came my least favourite part of the process – sieving the puree.

I sieved the puree and discarded the skin and pips.

Then I measured the tomato puree and put it into one of my heavy based chutney pans. I had 2 pints of puree and I then added 6 tablespoons of vinegar and 6 of soft brown sugar, a teaspoon of Allspice and a couple of bay leaves. (If you decide to make this sauce – adjust the quantities of additions to the puree accordingly. I would also like to try another batch and use something like ginger instead of allspice, or mace perhaps.

Reducing the sauce.

The puree then needed to be reduced – I wanted to make a very rich and sweet sauce, so I reduced it down by a half. As it is just for me and Nelson and very lucky visitors, I didn’t bother sterilizing my bottles and simply bottled it in a 500ml oil bottle.

The result is YUMMY! Have a go yourself and let me know what you think of the results.

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