Blizzards, Beth, Bikes, Bunnies, Barracuda and RIP Bee :-(

Howdy Cuffuflers!

Before the Blizzard
Before the Blizzard hit and in one of three moments of sun trickery

So this Easter week for me started with the QE farmers’ market, organised by the lovely Antony Cobley and set up to service the 1000’s of employees at the hospital and the Women’s hospital. It’s a joy to be involved in it. However on this market, I would have preferred not to be in a wind tunnel – not along the side of the wind tunnel (as I have been in previous markets) – but right at the end of the wind tunnel – facing the wind! If that was not bad enough…….it started snowing…… well you can imagine. My jars and bottles even started to collect a snowdrift.

Jar snowdrift

After I finally got home from the market and had an hour to defrost, my boyfriend and I went up to our allotment to plant out some barerooted Raspberry and Tayberry canes courtesy of Bill Auger of This was swiftly followed by a roaring fire! And then severe cramp from warming up too quickly!

Bottles in the blizzard

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