The lovely markets of lovely Brum

100th anniversary – On Saturday 14th September, Kings Norton will be celebrating their 100th farmers’ market – PLEASE COME and support our local markets and the independent local producers who have stalls there… more about this market and the wonderful people behind it in a bit! For now – here’s a picture of one of my favourite market dog watch dogs…. the delightful Alfie (also Kings Norton farmers’ mascot!)

Lovely shiny Alfie.
Saft dog Alfie in the adoring arms of Pete and Liz – his humans.

It’s been so so long since I last wrote my blog – too too much gorgeous local produce to turn into Cuffufle  Preserves!

Today I have been waiting for a glass delivery so I have had some time to think! I’ve pondered and thought wistfully about the last year or so, since I started taking Cuffufle Preserves seriously. I came to the conclusion that my continued success is down to not just my produce or my branding (thanks IJC!) but the people behind all the markets I do and the shops I stock…….. So – THANK YOU SO much to all the volunteers that make it possible for all us stall holders to continue to sell out wares…. to everyone at:

Kings Heath Farmers

Stirchley Community market

Lichfield market

Kings Norton Farmers

Bournville Farmers

Moseley Farmers

mac food fair

Everyone behind all these markets give so much of their own time and energy into making these markets work and they often only get complaints and not the rewards and compliments they deserve.

So to Kings Norton market and their 100 year celebrations….. I have been doing Kings Norton market since January 2011. Up until a couple of months ago it was not my best market in terms of sale to say the least, but it is one of my favourites despite this. However over the last couple of months – my sales have rocketed – YAY. I have been become friends with most of the organisers and here is one of them in a couple of poses!

Hugh F-W and Liz
Liz at the Farmers’ market awards – not looking in the slightest bit chuffed 😉
lovely Liz
Liz in her Christmas jumper!









Liz has even been over to Augernik Farm and she is reportedly the first farmers’ market organiser to ever visit Billy Auger’s Augernik farm. This is how much she cares about her market.

And there’s more!

Santa marketeers!
Santa marketeers!

I’m missing photos of the other volunteers but here are a few more pictures of the wonderful and delightful Kings Norton farmers’ market….

richard mp
MP Richard Burden getting a soaking at Kings Norton Christmas market 2012
KN in the snow
The lovely Kings Norton in the snow.

KN marketbanner