I’m Rachel – I’m the sole proprietor of Cuffufle Preserves. I produce includes a selection of cordials, chutneys, fruit vinegars, jams, marmalades, mustards and oils, made from locally sourced ingredient wherever possible.

I'm at Kings Heath Farmer's Market with my gorgeous nephews

I started making chutneys almost by accident over 5 years ago. I never enjoyed shop bought chutneys and so never thought to make any myself.

I was given a book on pickling (the Perfect Pickle Book by Mabey and Collison) it contained a recipe for Kashmiri Garlic Chutney which I promptly made. Having enjoyed it so much I was immediately inspired to make a courgette chutney with courgettes from my garden … and I loved it, both the chutney and the process. I was hooked.

Pretty soon  my house was filling up with jars of chutneys. Friends and family received chutneys for birthdays, house warming presents or simply for ‘I need to clear some space in my house’ presents!

Not long after the friends who were on the receiving end of these gifts suggested I also sell them. So I thought, “Why not!” Here I am in my kitchen preparing preserves for just that purpose.

Where possible I still use ingredients from the garden as well as foraged and local, ethically sourced wares. If anyone is aware of a local source of ginger for my best selling Hot Ginger and Garlic Chutney please get in touch!

I don’t like to sell anything I don’t love, so I was fortunate when my constant experimentation hit on Raspberry and Rosemary jam! This flavour is now my best selling Jam.

I will even occasionally make a bespoke preserve, like the Cuffufle Carrot & Ginger Chutney I made for Pauline Green. If she had her way they’d be selling it in M&S! So if you have any ideas for a preserve, or there’s something you remember from your childhood and haven’t tasted in years, I never get bored of suggestions.

Finally a poem from lovely customer from Argyll – thanks J.P.

Cuffufle Preserves are one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!

Their preserves are exquisite and beyond compare
 Lush and heavenly - too good to share!
Change to another? - not in haste
Not when I've found the perfect taste!


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