Top tip on grating ginger…..don’t grate your thumb too….

…….. top tip – when grating some jolly lovely ginger, don’t grate your thumb at the same time….

1. It hurts

2. A whole lot of ginger gets wasted and composted!

I’ve had a very productive week so far including getting products ready for Benjamin’s Deli fancy Christmas hampers (more details to come soon)

Large batch of sweet raspberry vinegar – DONE

Delicious on salads
Sweet Raspberry Vinegar – great on salads…..and ice cream!

Raspberry and Rosemary Jam – DONE

(organic raspberries from

HUGE batch of Carrot and Ginger Chutney – DONE

My new best seller – many thanks for Pauline Green for ‘making’ me create this flavour’!

Stacks of Ginger and Lemon Cordial (minus skin from my thumb) – DONE

Ginger and Lemon Cordial – great with sparkling water…. even better in Cava or a hot toddy.

Batch of my best seller – Hot Ginger and Garlic Chutney – DONE

Tomorrow – more hot ginger and garlic and getting ready for Kings Heath Farmer’s Market – Saturday 3rd November.


Rachel xxx

More new friends and 2 top market days


Well, I’m recovering from a highly successful and busy weekend of fun, farmer’s markets and vegans! Saturday saw Cuffufle Preserves and Trishul Chocolate at West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton

Shamefully we were so busy that no pictures were taken! If I had have taken photos, I do not have the photography skills as yet to capture the loveliness of the festival and the great atmosphere that I felt privileged to be part of.

Sunday saw a very slow bike ride to mac for the mac  for their regular last Sunday of the month food fair.

You have no idea how heavy my load was - the rucksack alone nearly floored me!

The mac was lovely Continue reading “More new friends and 2 top market days”