Up a hill with a heavy load to Kings Heath Farmer’s Market


I managed to get up the hill to Kings Heath Farmer’s market – laden down with stacks of produce. I was slightly ‘puffed’ to say the least!

My trusty steed
Full trailer, panniers and rucksack – very very heavy indeed. Wasn’t so heavy on the way back mind! YAY!

Market was a success with lovely weather and even lovelier customers. My load was thankfully significantly lighter on the way back down the hill.

http://www.kingsheathfarmersmarket.org/ – 1st Saturday of every month

I did however add to the load with stacks of luscious raspberries from Billy at www.augernikfruitfarm.co.uk. He is fast becoming a favourite friend for Silly Sarah and I. In fact we’re going to become Billy’s Bitches – with Sarah using his gorgeous cobnuts in her raw chocolate goodies and me getting rather excited about his raspberries! We’re off to visit the farm over the next couple of weeks.

Raspberries and Rosemary about to be combined with sugar, then bashed/squashed a tad, left over night and then jam making ahoy!


Rachel xxx


My bay tree

It seems that the only thing that has done well in my garden this year is my bay tree. So………. I’ve got bay leaves and olive oil simmering away in a ‘bain marie’ AKA my chutney/jam pans.

Chutney and jam pans being used as a bain marie

I got the recipe from http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1479642/infused-bay-oil

Lots of care need to be taken when making infused/flavoured oil. I have found this site very useful for advice and tips. http://www.allotment.org.uk/recipes/making-preserves/flavoured-oils-and-vinegars


Rachel xxx





Last year I had apples being donated to me on a daily basis and my apple tree was almost breaking from the weight of apples on it – but this year, the poor bees got tricked out of hibernation with some hot weather in March, then went back to sleep after stacks of frost! When they woke up again, the rain was too heavy for them to fly – aghhhh poor bees – and poor us, as the pollination process was hindered for our trees and a lot of other fruit and veg produce. And the SLUGS……………don’t get me started on them!

Anyway –  a lovely lady I met at Moseley Folk festival has given a stack of gorgeous apples, so I am busy thinking up things to make with them…..apple and rosemary jelly for starters and then, encouraged by Indu Sharma, I am tempted to try out an apple and mint chutney.

Any suggestions/requests gratefully received.

Cheers Nina
Selly Park apples ready to be chutneyfied and jellified


Rachel xxx

Ammalife Food fair 29th September 2012

Hi again.

Well – today could have been a total wash out at Ammalife Charity Food fair, as the original venue was double booked and the organiser – the lovely Maria Gee only found this out on Thursday this week. She managed to find another venue nearby.

Sold stacks of jams, chutneys and some vinegars. I sneaked my home-made bath bombs onto the stall and managed to sell some of these too!

I didn’t take any pictures as I was too busy chatting and making new friends, so you will have to make do with a link to Ammalife charity – well worth having a look and considering donating to.


If tomorrow at mac food market tomorrow is as friendly and welcoming as Ammalife food fair – I will be one happy Cuffufle preserves!



Rachel xxx

Welcome to the Cuffufle Preserves new blog!

I’ve finally ‘pulled my finger out’ and started to get a website and blog going for my Cuffufle Preserves! I will be keeping you updated with all the latest news in the world of Cuffufle Preserves.

You will get to see me, where you can buy my product and just what I’m cooking up next!

new branding
Here’s an example of my new branding.