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As I try to use locally sourced ingredients I won’t have all flavours all year round. Damn pesky cold West Midlands weather does not allow for fruit and vegetables to grow all year round! Email me for further information.

Postage and packing prices vary on weight of package and will be shipped via Royal Mail.

E.g. 1 x 190ml jar of chutney, 1 x 110ml jar of jam and 1 x 250ml bottle of cordial weighs approx. £5.50

Prices for jams and chutneys are £3.50 for a 190ml jar and £2.50 for a 110ml jar

Prices for cordials for 330ml bottles are between £3 and £3.50

Prices for vinegars are £5 for 250ml bottles (some 500ml bottles are available – please email me at to find out more)

Prices for sauces are £4 for 250ml bottle

Chilli oil and Piri Piri Oil £4.50 for a 250ml bottle

Mustards at £3 for a 110ml jar

MUSTARDS (Seasonal mustards like raspberry mustard will become available in June/July 2014)

Brummie Cider Mustard – cider sourced from a tiny co-op in Highfield Road, Hall Green)

Maple Mustard

Orange Mustard – the ultimate addition to a vinagrette

Horseradish Mustard

CHUTNEYS at £3.50 for a 190ml jar and £2.50 for a 110ml jar

The perfect chutney to spice up anything savoury!

Hot ginger and garlic – my best seller and goes well, in my opinion with anything savoury, but especially good with sausages or under the cheese on cheese on toast. Customers who do not usually like ginger like this chutney! Not for the faint hearted….. I also do an extra hot version!


Carrot and Ginger chutney – this chutney was created on request from a Kings Norton Farmer’s market customer.  Many thanks go out to Pauline Green for the inspiration to create another best seller! Superb in any kind of sandwich and great with all things savoury

Apple Chutney – a traditional recipe that I try desperately hard not to mess with! “Just like my Mum used to make it.” John from Hill Top Farm, Leamington Spa

Spiced apple – a rich sweet chutney (sweet because of stacks of dates, not stacks of sugar) with no onions or garlic in the recipe – excellent with strong cheeses, pork or to spice up any sandwich.

Onion Marmalade – usually made with UK organic onions. This chutney is great with cheese and a perfect addition to a ploughman’s lunch and any sandwich.

Apple and Rosemary Jelly – Great alternative to a mint sauce – perfect accompaniment to Roast lamb.

Spiced Blackberry chutney – made exclusively for my family and for my Christmas hamper boxes. This is a superb  pureed chutney that goes with everything savoury.

Spiced Gooseberry chutney – made exclusively for my family and for my Christmas hamper boxes.

Red Tomato Chutney – a very traditional flavour that I have fought hard not to mess with and make complicated!

Green Tomato – A very traditional chutney – all my tomatoes ripened in 2013 so NO green tomato chutney for 2013 🙁 but my courgette chutney is stuffed full of my red tomatoes!.

Apple and Roasted Garlic – a best seller –  a medium sweet chutney, superb with most things savoury.

Spicy Pear Chutney – a spiced/curried chutney, especially good with chips (!) and blue cheese – not necessarily together!

Chilli Chutney – a hot chutney inspired by my many trips to India, goes particularly well with curries but also fantastic with cheddar cheese.

Lime Chutney – a new creation which also goes really well with curries stews and a perfect addition to a cheese board. Sold out until I can be bothered to make some more!

Apple and Cranberry – created especially for the Christmas table. It goes with all things savoury. The turmeric used in the recipe compliments the tartness of the cranberry and the sweetness of the apple. 

Christmas Courgette – again created especially for the Christmas table. “It tastes like Christmas”…… a Kings Heath Farmer’s market customer. Great addition to the savoury courses at Christmas.

Chilli Jam – This is absolutely fantastic with any cheese, but also goes well with anything savoury – I love it with fish cakes. It is also a lovely marinade to any meat/fish/veg, and a dollop in a bolognese sauce can spice it up really well.

JAMS at £3 for a 220ml jar and £2 for a 110ml jar

Raspberry and Rosemary Jam – raspberry when possible sourced from I challenge anyone NOT to like this jam!

“Delicious fruity kisses in a jar”….. Lorna-Mary Webb – valued customer

Tayberry and Thyme Jam – another best seller and no longer available in 2013 – can’t wait for 2014 and crop of Tayberries. My allotment Tayberries should be established then too.

Strawberry and Thyme Jam – strawberry jam with a Cuffufle twist!

Pear and Lime Jam – I love pears and I love limes so had to create to new Cuffufle Jam. I love it, I hope you do too. To reappear in January 2014

Blackberry and apple Jam – the classic seasonal jam with all blackberries and apples picked within 1 mile of my house in Selly Park Birmingham. Sold out for now – back once blackberries fruit again.

Strawberry and apple – with a little twist – my usual addiction to adding herbs to jams lives on.

Raspberry and apple Jam – with a hint of cinnamon. Goes ridiculously well with toasted sourbread.

MARMALADES SOLD OUT UNTIL JANUARY 2014  when Sevilles come into season

Orange marmalades made in December and January from Organic Seville oranges. Other flavours are made throughout the year. 110ml jars are between £2 and £2.50 and 220ml jars are priced between £3 and £3.50.

Flavours vary depending on ethically sourced produce available and what liqueurs and booze I may add!

Favourite so far of 2013 is my Organic Seville Marmalade deluxe*** with the 3 *** indicating quantities of Cointreau and Basil



Tomato sauce (80% tomato). This was originally commissioned by Love Stirchley More Festival. It proved popular so it is now on my product list.

VINEGARS £5 for a 250ml bottle

Raspberry, Sweet Raspberry, Blackberry, Elderberry, Strawberry

Great for salads

“Just had a beautiful salad , turned cordon bleu…with Cufuffle damson vinegar.. Absolutely amazing high end restaurant quality.. Delis” Sarah of Trishul Raw Chocolate
“It’s revolutionised how I eat” Neil, a valued customer – this is a bona fide quote – REALLY!
“Wow!!! Raspberry vinegar – just as my mum used to make!!! Where, oh where, did you find that recipe, as we can’t find my mum’s? Hopefully no more sore throats or coughs.  Just need to drizzle it over ice-cream . . . can’t wait!!!!” Caroline Hodgson – valued customer

“Add a splash of this vinegar into Bisto gravy – to make it Bistro gravy” – ME!

CORDIALS – £3 for a 330ml bottle and £2.75 for 220ml

Ginger and Lemon – this cordial is utterly delicious. Heavy on the ginger, it is warming on the stomach even when served with iced water. My preference on how to use it is with ice cold sparkling water or cava! Great for making instant tasty hot toddies too – just add boiled water and brandy!

Autumn Fruit Cordial – Elderberries all picked within 2 miles of my house or at Augernik Fruit Farm, Shropshire, Damson from Augernik or Styan Family Produce. This cordial is perfect with hot or cold water and the best cordial to be drinking into the winter as these berries are very high in anti-oxidants and can also help to ward off winter viruses. It’s also like non-alcoholic mulled wine.

Elderflower – Back again with a vengeance.

Raspberry and Lime – perfect with sparkling water, but also a perfect addition to iced vodka!

Lemon Barley  – Barley water is SO SO good for you – plus this Lemon Barley Cordial is divine! I am looking forward to a warm sunny day and sitting in my garden or allotment, sipping chilled lemon barley (with a splash of vodka most likely!

Lime and Mint – AKA Cuffufle’s instant mojito mixer. A very crisp refreshing cordial – perfect with iced water, even better with rum and soda water.

Rhubarb and Vanilla – like rhubarb and custard sweets in a glass! SOLD OUT UNTIL 2014

Rhubarb, Orange and Ginger – like all my cordials, this flavour goes particularly well with ice cold sparking water, but it is also glorious with Cava or vodka! SOLD OUT UNTIL 2014

Plum and Cinnamon – like all my cordials, this flavour goes particularly well with ice cold sparking water, but also with hot water. It’s like another non-alcoholic mulled wine. SOLD OUT UNTIL 2014

Apple and Ginger – like all my cordials, this flavour goes particularly well with ice cold sparking water, but it is also glorious hot water (and a splash of dark rum!)

Spiced Apple  – this flavour when diluted with hot water is like a non-alcoholic mulled cider and like with the apple and ginger, the addition of a dark rum can spice it up further! It is also perfect with cold still or sparkling water.

No artificial preservatives,  additives or flavourings are harmed in the making of my products, just great ethically sourced ingredients in every bottle or jar.


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    1. I hope you’re alright too.

      Have you seen the pictures of you on the website – and your brother – very handsome indeed.


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    1. Thanks Vegetropolis

      Are you getting in any organic seville oranges in this season? If you are can I put in an order for a stack of them?

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    1. Liz – I’m so sorry to have missed you too. My scan date was changed to Thursday so couldn’t miss that! I have since backed out of Lichfield market with sadness, but hopefully I will be able to get back on once I have the mother lark in hand!

      If you ever visit your family in Harborne – feel free to come to mine to say hi!

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